HPRP workshops on Stress Management

practical methods of dealing with stress

What we said about the workshops

the model

The design provides structures to encourage participants to talk freely and safely together about their stresses and stressors. Participants, together with the facilitators, share knowledge and skills in methods of dealing with stress. A structure for collaborative programme planning enables participants to choose those methods they wish to sample and explore in the workshop.


To give participants the opportunity to:
* recognise the ways they themselves react to stress and learn to take notice of the early signs
* discuss the types of situation they find stressful
* identify the positive methods of dealing with stress which they already use and evaluate the balance of their stress management repertoire
* build on their existing skills in dealing with stress and try out some new methods, according to need and interest, They would include relaxation and de-stressing, meditation, problem-solving, assertiveness, peer support, emotional expression and tension release.
* consider ways of building what has been learned in the workshop into their own lives, at work and perhaps outside work.


There was a variety of approaches suited to the specific theme or skill, which could be introduced by a worksop participant if this seemed appropriate:
* syndicate group work
* presentation of information
* negotiated planning
* skills building activities in pairs, small group, whole group
* discussion and review of learning.

A copy of "Practical Methods of Dealing with Stress" was provided free at the workshop.

the basic workshop

A workshop to help you make stress work for you rather than against you. You will have the opportunity gently to examine some of the stresses in your life, pinpoint the signs of stress and to develop strategies for dealing with it. These may include: assertion, relaxation, emotional expression, peer support, problem solving, tension release, meditation. You can choose which methods you wish to explore in the workshop with a view to enhancing and developing your repertoire of stress management skills.

teacher training

Our "Facilitating Stress Management" workshop enables participants to plan, facilitate and evaluate stress management programmes based on the "Practical Methods of Dealing with Stress" course design. It may be useful for participants also to attend some of our other personal development courses (in addition to the required "Practical Methods of Dealing with Stress") and also some facilitation skills courses, according to individual need. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants successfully completing a negotiated selection of courses (see "Course Combinations" Section).

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