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Guidance is available to assist people to work at their own individualised plan of development comprising a selection of short courses from our programme.

Facilitator Development

Certificates of attendance will be offered to participants successfully completing combinations of courses concerned with facilitator training. The selection of courses which will be recommended will depend on the individual's particular needs and will include some personal development workshops in addition to facilitator training workshops. This is because of our belief that facilitators of personal and interpersonal development need to have explored their own personal and interpersonal issues at a greater depth than they expect their course participants to do. Examples of facilitator training course combinations are as follows:

Certificate for Assertiveness Trainers

Certificate for Six Category Intervention Analysis Trainers

Certificate for Stress Management Trainers

Personal and Interpersonal Development

Combinations of personal development workshops can be geared to suit individual groups. For instance, a person in their 40's who wishes to re-evaluate her life and open up new possibilities might select:

Someone interested in working on their personal development over a period of time by gaining a grounding in one particular model before moving on to others, may choose to attend, for instance, the courses which include Gestalt work:

Another person with a desire to improve physical health may attend:

Another person wishing to improve their relationships may choose:

Guidance in Planning

The suggested course combinations above are for the guidance of the reader. The exact combination of workshops is to some extent negotiable. Guidance in planning an appropriate combination and agreed individual tutorial time is cost-free to those paying full course fees. Otherwise, two alternatives are on offer.

Firstly, with a minimum of informal one-off consultation, discounts may be taken for attendance at a pre-determined programme of workshops, e.g. from 10 per cent discount for 10 days up to a possible maximum of 30 per cent for 30 days or more. Secondly, extra individualised tuition can be provided by appointment. This will take the form of tutorials and written work, which will be negotiated from options. Options include personal projects and applications, evaluation of practice, case studies, written accounts of innovations, proposed journal articles or other publications, theoretical essays or projects of value to the HPRP. In this case the full fee will be charged.

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