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consultancy: in-service training and organisational development

From the earliest days of the HPRP, we offered in-service training to staff in organisations. These were often in a managerial role, for example, John Heron worked with the most senior Police Officers seconded to Bramshill College for training to step into the Chief Constable ranks. Many of our inputs were also for trainers. This became something we advertised in our programme explicitly. The description below was taken from the 1988-9 programme of the Human Potential Resources Group because it was the most fully delineated.

We provide in service staff training and organisational development programmes ranging from one day to long term programmes spanning years. We have at our disposal the facilitation and consultancy skills of our core HPRP staff team and our international network of associate facilitators. Some of these facilitators work in the industrial sector and others work as consultants in both public and private sectors. In addition we draw upon the computer and distance learning expertise, audio-visual material production and other resources within the University.

In-House Staff Development

Our consultant will negotiate with key people in the Organisation with regard to:

The content of the programmes may include tailor-made versions of topics shown on our own workshop programme and other related topics (see "News from the HPRP" section for some examples). The programmes could involve one or more of the following:

The learning procedure may include expert input, discussion, roleplay, simulation, problem-solving, structured and unstructured experiential exercises, etc. Strong emphasis will be placed on reflection, assimilation and application of learning and on ensuring consolidation of new learning.

Training the Trainers

We offer individuals, professional groups and organisations which have a training function a range of development opportunities.

For individuals who may need help to identify a trainer development pathway we offer:

For groups of trainee facilitators we offer any of the following:

For organisations who may or may not have already identified both a training programme and/or the prospective trainers to implement it, we offer:

Apart from the range of offers mentioned above we are willing to discuss other proposals related to specific needs or problems. We also offer "Training the Trainers" workshops in certain models from our programme, i.e. Six Category Intervention Analysis, Practical Methods of Dealing with Stress, Assertiveness Training.

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