Institute for Holistic Education


The Institute for Holistic Education was founded in 1982 in order to provide a small range of workshops not available on the Human Potential Research Project programme. It also also provided a vehicle for training workshops in Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney; in Barcelona and Brussels. After James' early retirement from the University of Surrey, consultancy and training work continued for the Police Service at Pannel Ash supporting the National trainer training programme, and at Hendon and in central London supporting the Metropolitan Police Trainer Development work. It became active in Cornwall conducting co-counselling courses and supervising teaching staff of the local counselling courses. Retirement!!!!!!!


James Kilty, Fundamentals of Co-Counselling, a manual for course participants, 1993 (revised 1995, 2997, 1998, 2001, 2006)

James Kilty, Practical Methods of Dealing with Stress. revised edition of PMDS James Kilty and Meg Bond 1982 (publ HPRP)

William Emerson, Infant and Child Birth Re-Facilitation

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