Advanced Six Category Intervention Analysis training


Many participants find that there is a need for further practice, development and confidence building after a period of application following a basic workshop. ┬áThe advanced training offers these people an opportunity to top up and refresh their interpersonal skills and explore the model in greater depth. It also offers those who wish to take the “training the trainers” workshop the chance to consolidate their knowledge and fluency with the model before joining the higher level workshop.


In this workshop, particular attention will be paid to those categories of intervention which tend to be underdeveloped in the basic 6 Category training such as the prescriptive and informative and to the sequencing of categories in relation to client states. Learning activities will be intensive and sustained, using self and peer observation strategies. There will also be an in depth selection from the new developments of the model such as: practitioner's map; client's psychological field; prescriptive-catalytic and other gradients and interfaces in education and personal development; living as learning; a more detailed analysis between catharsis and transmutative work with the client; and finally the relationship between the political values of hierarchy, parity and autonomy when working with clients.


The workshop will use similar methods to the basic workshop, with more sustained intensive practice and examination of the subtleties of the model and of client states. There will be considerable opportunity to deal with members' problematic interpersonal scenarios and apply the model more systematically to professional helping and supervision. The second half of the workshop will usually be developed as a peer learning community.


Participation in a previous training of at least three days duration (or equivalent) is mandatory, as is participants' experience in using the model for their own interpersonal skills monitoring and development.

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