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This website is about James and Sharon Kilty and some of our work, experience and ideas.



Sharon has been developing work based on her experience of arthritis and her desire to enable others with arthritis to have a voice about their experience and learning.


Beekeeping was a major activity for James and he contributed to the development of beekeeping in Cornwall.

bee improvement

We have moved the pages about the Cornwall Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Group and the Varroa Tolerance Project to the web site cbibbg.co.uk


Honey Mountain was the trading name of James' Beekeeping enterprise selling local honey, beeswax candles, queens and small colonies of bees (nuclei).

education and facilitator training

The Institute for Holistic Education was the umbrella for James' former educational consultancy, supervision and training work and publications.

professional interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Skills Training in Higher Education is the subject of a book in the process of development as an open source web site. It is envisaged as a co-operative project in which many authors contribute materials and try out and develop the content and activities of the book.

human potential research project

An archive and summary history of The Human Potential Research Project, which was the pinnacle of James' employment career at the University of Surrey between 1975 and 1987 when he took early retirement, having created an extensive personal, interpersonal and facilitator development programme together with associated publications plus a small number of modest staff development programmes in a variety of organisations. I have added my tribute and thanks to John Heron who died in 2022 in Bristol. More on HPRP publications


Co-counselling is a peer support process for personal development. James was involved in co-counselling between 1975 and 2003 and made some significant contributions to the development of co-counselling in the UK and elsewhere.

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