Honey Labels at Honey-Mountain

Labels for Apiary locations

All honey from Honey Mountain is labelled according to the apiary (or parish) from which it comes. All labels are printed at home using standard software. Every batch is from one apiary only, occasionally from one hive. Such locality labelling is quite rare, most Cornish Honey is sold as Cornish Honey, without distinction. Some Cornish Honey is a mixture from several apiaries without distinction. A small number of beekeepers note the apiary location in the small print or the general locale in the title. I have not seen labels with pictures or photographs of the location - perhaps the example of Honey Mountain will stimulate others.

Label wording

Wording on the labels states "Exclusively from bees hived ... overlooking Helston ..or.. on the side of Godolphin Hill ..or.. close to Breage village ..and.. owned by Dr James Kilty ..." It also gives the required address of the owner and contact details, the Lot Number and a Best Before Date. Honey is sold in jars at 454g, 340g and 227g. Comb honey is packaged first in a plastic container and second in a cardboard protective sleeve carton. Each comb is sold by its net weight and priced pro rata.

Breage Honey

The watercolour painting of the village is very distinctive.

This beautiful watercolour sketch was painted by my friend Gordon Jelfs. His widow Sheila showed it to me amongst a collection of his watercolour paintings of local scenes, cottages and vistas. She kindly agreed I could scan it for my labels. The picture was a sketch for a home painting, but captured the rustic, rural nature of the harvest. There is a similar view of the village from the apiary, whose honey carries the label. Breage village is also the principal village in the parish of Breage. If the honey runs out from the Breage apiary, then I may use honey from apiaries within the parish, so labelled, all at Godolphin Hill.

Godolphin Hill honey

The shape of the hill is very distinctive.

The picture was taken with a digital camera from the other side of the valley to our home but not showing it. The image was cropped so that the label wording appeared in white space below. The same image is used in labels for "Honey Mountain" products, notably candles, though they may be entitled Godolphin Hill for specific customers.

Helston honey

Helston from Coronation lake showing the Parish Church

The picture was taken with a digital camera from just below Coronation lake, looking towards the centre of Helston. It shows the Parish Church, as does the Breage label, our intention for all our honeys. (We have previously sold "Sithney Honey" from an apiary in a small-holding in Sithney parish belonging to a friend, whose hives we were managing for pollination). This particular label was much sought after in Helston, though the store also sells it at their Falmouth branch. I have since passed my Helston apiaries to my friend Rodger Dewhurst who uses his own labels.

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